Our Vision is to Grow the Fresh Produce Industry

We do this by providing relevant and reliable services to businesses within the fresh produce industry to help improve their profitability

Welcome to Freshmark

Industry advocacy is at the heart of what we do

For nearly a century,  Freshmark – the trading name of the NSW Chamber of Fresh Produce Limited – has been dedicated to improving the central market system, helping wholesalers, growers, retailers and the fresh produce sector achieve and maintain profitability in a world that has never seen more change.

Situated in the heart of Sydney Markets, Flemington, Freshmark, in collaboration with the central markets across Australia, unite in their vision to provide the most efficient processes for facilitating the transfer of fresh produce from grower to end consumer.

We believe that the central market system plays a vital role in the Australian produce sector and deserves to be supported in its operations. And, as an advocacy body, Freshmark’s strength is in its financial and human resource investments towards advancing our purpose to create a better operating environment for businesses that operate in the fresh produce space. 

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Why Choose Us?

Our passion is helping members find solutions perfectly tailored to their needs. 

We provide industry policy formulation and advocacy to improve the operating environment of our members.

Industrial Relations

Our Australian Federation of Employer & Industries (AFEI) membership gives members access to highly skilled specialists on industrial, legal and professional issues.

Product Specification

FreshSpecs - provides general appearance criteria for fruit and vegetables.

Fresh Code - regulates trade between growers and traders and provides fair and equitable dispute resolution procedures.

Quality Assurance

FreshTest - Offers the largest, most comprehensive chemical, microbial and heavy metal testing program in Australian horticulture.

Industry Promotions

'A better choice!' - is a national marketing program to promote independent greengrocers and the central market system, to amplify consumer awareness and increase volume of fruit adn vegetables sold in greengrocers.

Business Services

We provide cost-effective products and services that include LPG gas, phone plans, Fresha PAY, supply corporate accounts and other business costs, events, recruitment, and office efficiencies.

Want to become a Member?

Freshmark membership offers a wide range of opportunities to enhanced business relationships, improved operations, and, ultimately, greater success.

What Our Members Say

Eighty-five plus years have given us the opportunity to support our members in every facet of their business successfully. Here is what some of them have to say.

Freshmark never stops innovating; they allow me to stay on top of new products and services within our industry, helping me maintain a competitive and informational edge.
Carlo Trimboli
Managing Director,
Samson's Fruit and Vegetable Supply
Through their events, workshops and forums, Freshmark has provided me with incredible opportunities to network with my industry peers, from growers right through to retailers.
Caroline Pisciuneri
Administration Manager
All Seasons Produce
Achieving a healthy profit line is made easier through the many products and services offered by Freshmark, such as competitive phone plans to gaining invaluable human resources advice.
Harry Emmanoilidis
Akropol Fruit & Vegetable Supplies

Our Services

We pride ourselves on continuously seeking out products and services that will help the operational efficiencies of our members. Their success is our success!

Meet our Team

Meet your Freshmark team, who challenge the status quo to advance our industry and members every day.

Meegan George 2

Meegan George

Chief Executive Officer

Freshmark-AROORAN-370c Ben Williams Photography - give this ago

Arooran Manicks

Finance & Corporate Services Manager


Lindi Shull

Program / Office Assistant

Freshmark-SUE-012c Ben Williams Photography-head only

Sue Zacherl

Business Services Manager

Frederica McCauley

Marketing & Communications Manager

Years of service
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2022 NSW Public Holidays

  Public Holiday Date New Year’s Day Saturday, 1 January New Year’s Additional Day Monday, 3 January * Australia Day...
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The NSW Government is making changes to how it identifies positive COVID-19 cases.Most people who test positive on a rapid...
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Social media can too often be a cowards’ castle, where the anonymous can bully, harass and ruin lives without consequence...
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Opportunities from the Australia Free Trade Agreement

 Australia signed a landmark free trade agreement with the United Kingdom that will make Australian exports to the UK cheaper,...
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Job Trainer Program Extended

The $2 billion JobTrainer Fund has already seen more than 270,000 enrolments, especially in the digital and care sectors, and is aiming...
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A Better Choice For Freshness – Weekly Report

We are coming into the new year strong with great offerings of summer fruits available at your local fruit and...
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Become a Future Rural Leader

Two weeks to apply: Become a future rural leader with the AgriFutures Horizon Scholarship   University students have less than two...
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The Blenditarian Mushroom Campaign

From 1 December 2021 to 28 February 2022, "A better choice!" will be undertaking a brand awareness campaign in partnership...
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2021 Australian Macadamia Society Awards of Excellence honour best of industry

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PMA Australia & New Zealand announces new Directors

PMA Australia-New Zealand Ltd (PMA A-NZ) announced at their Annual General Meeting on 18 November, that Rachel Davis, Alice Gorman,...
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Bullying of Unvaccinated Workers

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Variation of the Horticulture Award

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Local Youth Sports Initiative!

That’s full time on the Local Youth Sports Initiative! Thank you for participating in this Initiative, and thank you for...
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PMA, United launch International Fresh Produce Association

  PMA and United Fresh leaders provided a series of updates for the new association named International Fresh Produce Association. Co-CEOs...
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Australia Lifts Anti-Dumping Ban

Australia Lifts Anti-Dumping Ban The Australian government has decided to lift the 15-year anti-dumping ban it imposed on Philippine canned...
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Harris Farms Launches Repurposeful Picks

Harris Farms Launches Repurposeful Picks   Harris Farm Markets has launched a new range of premium products made from ‘upcycled’...
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New Freshmark CEO

  New Freshmark CEO   FRESHMARK WELCOMES MEEGAN GEORGE    The Freshmark Board is proud to announce that on Monday,...
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Our Business Partners

Our business partners make it possible for us to deliver the best products and services to you, as well as events.

Connect to Our Business Partners

Freshmark partners have been selected based on their expertise in providing products and services that support the operational efficiency of our members. Theirs is a collaborative approach designed to find solutions to business pain points at a competitive price. More importantly, they are passionate about our industry, our members and the prosperity of all.