Billboards declare vegetables “better than you remember”

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A new campaign hopes people will do just that and fondly take up the cause to increase their veggie consumption.

Launched on February 1, the pro bono campaign by Outdoor Media Association (OMA) in partnership with Health & Wellbeing Queensland and Nutrition Australia will see the phrase “Better than you remember” used to promote vegetables.

Only 8 per cent of adults and 5pc of children eat the recommended amount of veggies.

“Better than you remember” aims to increase Australian’s vegetable intake through a range of Out of Home (OOH) signs across Australia, as well as a dedicated website packed with vegetable recipes, tips and education resources to help Aussies rediscover veggies.

According to Nutrition Australia, increasing vegetable intake will see benefits to health and reductions in the health cost burden.

It will also positively impact growers, and others in the supply chain, and provide economic benefits.

Health and Wellbeing Queensland chief executive Dr Robyn Littlewood said given the current environment, now more than ever, getting more veggies into diets can actually help boost health and wellbeing.

“Vegetables are nutritional powerhouses that can also help us prevent and manage obesity, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease,” she said.

“Veggies are food-as-medicine-they taste great, and they are easy to cook with.

“We know every town and city across Australia is experiencing different food supply chain issues, so we’re encouraging people to make the most of what is available and try different ways of cooking with veggies.”

OMA CEO Charmaine Moldrich said out of home advertising is a powerful channel that influences positive behaviour.

“Our research has proven these outcomes, particularly when it comes to lifestyle changes,” Ms Moldrich said.

“The post-campaign study of the first health and wellbeing campaign we ran in January 2021, Add an extra handful of veggies, showed that 86pc of parents who saw the ad said they were encouraged to include veggies in their meals or snacks.

“While 80pc said they were encouraged to make healthier choices for their children’s meals.

“We ran Add an extra handful of veggies last year in partnership with the Australian Government Department of Health.”

Nutrition Australia Vic division CEO Lucinda Hancock said the organisation believed more promotion like this was needed.

“Eating a rainbow of coloured vegetables can ensure people are consuming a variety of important nutrients,” Ms Hancock said.

“We are thrilled to be involved in this year’s campaign and provide tips and recipes that can make healthy eating tasty and accessible.

“This campaign is topical as you can boost your immune system by upping your veggie intake.

The value of the “Better than you remember” campaign is estimated at more than $3 million.

The campaign will run for four weeks with participants encouraged to use the #BoostYourHealthy and #Betterthanyouremember hashtags in their social media postings.

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