Associate Membership

What does it mean to be a

Freshmark Associate Member

Becoming an Associate Member of Freshmark provides you with an opportunity to let our Full Members know of your support for them and our industry. So, many types of businesses become part of the fold, from florists to logistic handlers to packaging houses and cafes. The membership allows them to take advantage of all the great products and services also awarded to Full Members.

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Frederica McCauley - Communication Manager

Showing Support

Being an associate member allows you to receive all the benefits of a Full Member, such as gaining access to all the great products and services Freshmark has to offer while showing your support of the industry and what it stands for in order to thrive and prosper. 

Associate Membership

Deciding to become an Associate Member means you have committed to being part of the New South Wales fresh produce community of individuals and organisations working towards creating a strong and resilient industry.

Access to AFEI

Advising and Representing Employers

Full Membership gives you FREE access to the Australian Federation of Employers and Industries (AFEI). They advise, represent and assist employers meet their workplace regulation obligations, assist you with human resources management, provides WHS and a wide range of training and, more importantly, seek appropriate regulation from the government. They also have an in-house legal firm, AFEI Legal.

Products & Services

Improving Business Efficiencies

Freshmark provides products and services designed to help improve your business’s efficiencies that later translate into a sustainable and prosperous future. Our portfolio continues to expand to ensure we meet the demands of our members. We also engage with business partners, such as EFEX.


Connection Through Information

Electronic communication platforms allow us to frequently and effectively transcribe our strategic directions and make them visible to our members. Associate members receive on a fortnightly basis Fresh News plus ad hoc email blasts designed to forward urgent matters.



Keeping Australians Safe

Growers undertake MRL testing to verify that their produce is safe. FreshTest gives growers that assurance with a highly experienced team behind them, ensuring accurate and timely results, with strictly confidential reports made available to customers within days.

In addition, wholesalers have access to their test results on-line that they can forward onto the grower as a value-add service, or the grower can contact the local central market Chamber branch directly.


Strengthening Business Connections

Freshmark understands that an event, no matter how big or small, allows us to  validate our members and the incredible work they do, giving them the recognition they deserve. Our events are designed to strengthen relationships that are the links to our industry’s supply chain. As an Associate Member, you receive discounted tickets and opportunities to reconnect with your fellow stakeholders.


Whether you are a small or large company, being an associate member allows you to be part of something big. You will belong to a prestigious line of associates with whom you will connect and join forces for the betterment of our industry.