Retail Associate Membership

What does it mean to be a

Retail Associate Membership

Freshmark's Retail Associate Membership is exclusive only to Greengrocers. It has been designed to unify the fresh produce industry right across the entire value chain. Becoming a Retail Associate Member will not only give you the benefits awarded to Associate Members, but will also give you access to the national retail program called 'A better choice!'. ‘A Better Choice’ supports members with aligned marketing and advertising strategies that target consumers, and highlights the benefits of shopping at an independent retailer.

Lindi Shull - Program/Office Assistant

Showing Support

Freshmark understand the importance of supporting the entire supply chain, which is why we are the only organisation who represents greengrocers and their advocacy requirements. By uniting greengrocers with the entire supply chain will ensure the path to the future is mutally beneficial.

Retail Associate Membership

Deciding to become a Retail Associate Member means you have committed to being part of the New South Wales fresh produce community of individuals and organisations to create a solid and resilient industry.

A better choice!

Representing Greengrocers

Retail Association Membership gives you access to the national marketing program ‘A better choice!’. This program aims to increase consumer awareness of the benefits of shopping at independent retailers and market share through tailored activities that encourage purchase behaviour via consolidated media buying programs that offer the best value.

Access to AFEI

Advising and Representing Employers

Retail Associate Membership gives you FREE access to the Australian Federation of Employers and Industries (AFEI). They advise, represent and assist employers in meeting their workplace regulation obligations, assisting you with human resources management, provides WHS information and a wide range of training and, more importantly, seek appropriate regulation from the government. They also have an in-house legal firm, AFEI Legal.

Products & Services

Improving Business Efficiencies

Freshmark provides products and services designed to help improve your business’s efficiencies that later translate into a sustainable and prosperous future. Our portfolio continues to expand to ensure we meet the demands of our members. We also engage with business partners, such as EFEX.

Retail Associate

Your membership will support a program aimed at promoting positive messages and increase consumer engagement and loyalty to keep the Aussie fruit and vegetable  industry thriving
for generations to come. 

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