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As an advocacy body, Freshmark’s strength is in our financial and human resources investment towards creating a better operating environment for members’ businesses.  We do this through continuous innovation of products and services we deliver to our members to help promote improved productivity, profitability and competitiveness. 

From advocacy to quality assurance, human resources and industrial relations advice to more tangible services such as Freshmark’s Phone Plan, FreshTest, LPG Gas and AFEI, office efficiencies and recruitment. We never stop searching for the next product or service that will make our members’ lives easier.

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Sue Zacherl - Business Services Manager

Effortless Service

‘Few things generate more goodwill and repeat business than being effortless to deal with.’ We strive everyday to make the lives of stakeholders in the fresh produce industry easier, which is why the products and services we provide to our members and the industry continue to grow.

our offering never
stops growing

What we offer

To ignite sustainable growth, you need a plan. Our team continuously researches and strategises to create an integrated plan customised to our members’ business needs. We analyse the data you don’t see, connect all the moving parts, and craft a blueprint for success you can measure.


Advocacy is our most important mandate. We promote, protect and support sector stakeholders to help them speak out and defend their rights and interests. We believe through uniting industry and government we will endeavour to help find solutions for the prosperity and sustainability of our sector.

Industry Promotions

The National Retailer Program, “A Better Choice” (ABC), is a joint venture between the central markets of Australia and their respective Chambers. The program combines all the Chambers and central markets’ marketing resources and funding to increase exposure for independent greengrocers on a national level.

HR & IR Advisory Service

We provide workplace Awards, WH&S, employment standards, staffing, and recruitment advice through Freshmark's membership to Australian Federation of Employers & Industries (AFEI). Our membership to AFEI includes access to and representation by highly skilled specialists on industrial, legal and professional issues.

LPG Gas Site

Freshmark is dedicated to making sure Sydney Markets never stops moving with our LPG Gas site situated in the heart of the Markets. For the convenience of our patrons there are six bowsers operational 24/7 and at a member price 15% cheaper than the nearest competitor.


FreshTest is the largest most comprehensive horticultural residue-testing program in Australia. The national program provides low cost MRL (chemical residue) microbial and heavy metal testing used by wholesalers and their growers for verification for food safety and Quality Assurance systems.

Phone Plan

Mobile phones are one of the most important business tools for our industry. We have incredibly competitive phone plans to suit every budget for your current phone or you can replace it. We offer other essential telecommunication systems, including land lines, internet, tablets and laptops.


At Freshmark, we understand how the right person can transform your business. We have an exciting offer coming soon that covers all facets of recruitment and short term hire specific to our industry, such as office staff, marketing, forklift drivers, sales and cashier placements.


FreshSpecs provides a uniform product standard for fresh produce. It is an industry standard for class one (or equivalent) produce that identifies the general appearance criteria, major and minor defects, and consignment criteria for fruit and vegetables referenced in Horticulture Produce Agreements.


Fresh Code - Horticulture Code of Conduct regulates trade between growers and traders and provides fair and equitable dispute resolution procedures. The immediate requirement for growers is to agree to the terms of a Horticulture Produce Agreement (HPA) with each trader with which they do business.

Office Support

Freshmark's highly trained and experienced team is always here to help our members. Through administrative support, access our boardroom for staff meetings and providing products and services through our business partners, such as EFEX and The Ignite Agency, help provide greater business administration efficiencies.

Product & Services

Freshmark is now focusing on sourcing products and services that help with business' efficiencies. As a result, we are continually finding new high-quality products such as hand sanitisers and other suitable services, such as the Office Works Corporate Account, AVIS Rent a Car and NSW CPT Green Slips that are competitively priced and help members save money.


Freshmark connects and educates our members by creating a wide range of business and networking opportunities through our events, workshops and forums that includes online resources designed to assist individuals and businesses operating within the industry to grow and prosper.

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