Sydney Markets Never Stops

Keeping Sydney Markets Moving

Every night 5,000 workers at Sydney Markets move at a frantic pace, while 1,200 forklifts race around the large 43-hectare in Sydney Markets, moving fresh produce from delivery trucks to wholesale stalls and onto retailer vans.

Freshmark makes this possible by having a dedicated LPG gas site in the heart of the Markets to make sure nothing stops produce being delivered to every Aussie's home.

Sue Zacherl - Business Services Manager

LPG Gas Site

Freshmark has taken the lead in providing the most essential service at Sydney Markets, the provision of LPG gas for the 1,200 plus forklifts that dominate the Markets landscape 24/7.  This helps our members operationally, providing a safe and convenient site for their forklift drivers to fill up.

Sydney Markets

the markets never stop nor does freshmark

LPG Gas Site


For the convenience of our patrons, there are six bowsers operational 24/7 and at a members’ price 15% cheaper than the nearest competitor

Freshmark LPG keeps your business moving

The Freshmark Advantage

Freshmark prides itself on being the most convenient and reliable source of LPG at Sydney Markets


Sydney Markets are open seven days a week, 24 hours a day. As the wholesale business comes to a close on Friday morning, Sydney Markets transforms into Paddy’s Markets for the weekend. Having an LPG Gas site operational 24/7 allows the Markets to flourish.

When you use Fresmark LPG, the money you spend goes to benefiting you and our industry