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Freshmark has teamed up with telco provider the One Solution Group, whose Premium Telstra Enterprise partnership allows Freshmark members access to Telstra’s unbeatable network.

Telstra's network allows us to offer you excellent mobile phone plans and SIM-only plans, landlines and NBN plans, at equally amazing prices, with the speed, coverage and service you can expect from Australia’s leading telecommunication company.
No pesky hidden fees or lengthy lock-in contracts here - and you get to keep your number!

Sue Zacherl - Business Services Manager

Better together

Mobile phone deals are an important investment for any business. Finding the best price, the perfect handset and contract are made easier with our Premium Telstra Enterprise Partnership with the One Solution Group.

Freshmark Mobile Advantage


Competitive Pricing for Apple, Android & Google


No Hidden Fees or Locked-in Contracts


Exceptional Speed & Coverage


Belong to Australia's Largest Network, Telstra

Keep Your Number

Keep your Existing Phone Number or Get a New One


No Excess Data or Call Charges

Your Business Partner

One Solution’s Premium Telstra Enterprise partnership allows Freshmark members access to Telstra’s network

You don’t need Australia’s best network …… 

until you do.

your phone is your business's life blood

no locked in contract

Our Offer

You can pay for your phone outright or choose between whether you want a phone bundled with phone plan or a SIM-only month-to-month phone plan.  

Choose your phone from our latest range of Apple iPhonesSamsung Galaxy or Google Pixel phones.  

If you choose a payment plan, you have 24-months to pay your chosen phone off.

You can pay our month-to-month plans but, if you leave, you can pay out your device. 

Unlimited standard national and international calls and texts. 

Keep your existing number or get a new one. 

We offer ‘fair play’ where you will not incur excess data charges if you go over your data usage. 

One Solution will address all your needs directly without the wait times commonly associated with phone companies.

400 Services & Counting

Service Guaranteed

No more waiting on hold, we have a team of staff that will respond to your email within 15 minutes of you sending an enquiry or answer the phone when you ring.

1800 ONE SOLUTION (1800 663 765)

Freshmark partner

Who is One Solution?

The One Solution Group has partnered with Freshmark to provide reliable and versatile communication solutions, from the cloud, internet, and managed services, to web design, phone and mobile. All of their systems are designed with your business in mind and to assist in facilitating a productive, efficient and fully integrated work environment.

Additionally, One Solution’s Premium Telstra Enterprise and Business Partner status gives you access to Telstra’s network and incredible mobile phone packages designed to suit your business objectives while supporting your day to day fulfilment needs. 

One Solution provides Telstra mobile account management, plus a vast array of fixed and data services covering all aspects of telecommunications. The managed services include Data, IT, Business & Mobile Phones, Vehicle Tracking, Hardware and Accessories, Cloud Solutions, Security, Data, Digital Marketing, App Customisation and Managed Customer Services geared for business.




One Solution and Freshmark have staff at the Markets every week to answer your questions.

We will provide you with the support you need, from the beginning through to purchasing your phone. 

No matter what phone you choose if you have any issues we are only a phone call away. 


Getting Started




phone for help

enjoy your
freshmark mobile service

Arcella Bananas

We have been using One Solution for many years, and we are extremely happy with their very competitively priced phone plans. But, it is their incredible customer service that distinguishes them. No waiting on hold for Telstra, One Solution assists our company in every State, with a simple email or call to a team member, and the problem is solved. I recommend ‘One Solution’ for your phoning and data needs.

Rosa Arcella-Downie

Express Fruit Service

We started transferring our mobile services to the One Solution group in 2017. All our mobile plans are now with them. Not only is their pricing the most competitive for Telstra services in the marketplace, but they also attend to the minor but important details fast. We trust One Solutions with all our mobile, internet and 5G details to run our wholesale fruit and vegetable business. I would recommend the One Solutions Group without hesitation.

Greg McConnell

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