Freshmark at Hort Connections 2024

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Freshmark CEO Meegan George and Chairman Carlo Trimboli, had an absolutely fantastic time at Hort Connections 2024. Seeing an impressive turnout of Sydney wholesalers at the event was truly wonderful, many of whom joined us at our Sydney Markets stand. We were thrilled to have N & A, Grech & Borg, Arcella Bananas, Samsons Fruit and Veg, Perfection Fresh Australia, Fresh Fellas, JW Kirkwood, FHG Rogers, JETBest Group, Mint Produce, Fresh Produce Group Wholesale Sydney, and Red Rich Fruits all sharing the space with us.
Additionally, we are grateful to our exhibitors who showcased an incredible variety of produce available through the central market system, featuring JE Tippers, Arcella Bananas, and Red Rich. Moreover, we are pleased to have been able to support those in need by donating fresh produce from our stands at the close of the event to Foodbank Victoria.

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