'A better choice!'

Advocacy for Retailers

Uniting Greengrocers

Freshmark's most important advocacy initiative is the national retail program called 'A better choice!' that promotes the independent retail sector that sells fruit, vegetables and flowers purchased through the central markets.

The 'A better choice!' (ABC) program has been developed in collaboration with the six state chambers and central markets to increase sales for wholesalers and greengrocers for the betterment of the entire supply chain.

Meegan George - Chief Executive Officer

Shop Local

There’s a special relationship we Aussies have with our greengrocer. They’ve watched your kids grow, slipped a few new-season fruits into your hands, supported your local football team and chatted to you about how your day was going. If we don’t advocate for greengrocers using programs such as ‘A better choice!’ these traditions will be lost forever.

'A better choice!'

levelling the playing field

‘A better choice!’


Seemingly powerless, when greengrocers collectively unite they become a formidable presence against the super giants.

united we stand
divided we fall

‘A better choice!’ vision is to create a relevant, united and strong local independent retail sector across Australia for fresh produce,  supported by a strong and united central market system.


‘A better choice!’ promotes fruit, vegetables and flowers by engaging content/marketing initiatives through tailored activities designed to encourage purchase behaviour. And, to generate greater awareness on a national scale for the independent retail sector and the importance of buying from your local independent greengrocer.


‘A better choice!’ supports and promote the independent retail sector through overarching omnichannel marketing activities, including store activations to sustain market share and create a strong and unified independent retail sector


‘A better choice!’ increases industry recognition with central market stakeholders, allowing commercial or mutually beneficial partnerships aimed at increasing the financial capabilities of the program.

Through consolidated marketing efforts, ‘A better choice!’ strengthens the market share of the independent sector and thus sustaining the purchase volume at the central markets.

'A better choice!'

providing strong visual content

'A better choice!'

your very own marketing department

'a better choice!' program


‘A better choice!’ (ABC) is a national consumer-facing program designed to highlight the benefits of shopping at your local independent retailer with the objective of increasing the volume of fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers purchased through Central Markets, whilst maintaining market share for greengrocers.

'A better choice!'
master brand

As a master brand  ‘A better choice!’ creates a strong, uniform presence harnessing the many voices of independent retailers into one voice.

economies of scale
cost savings

Efficiencies and cost savings through bulk purchasing activities, such as  in-store collateral and point of sale.

Advertising & public relations

Advertising and public relations are coordinated on a national scale providing exposure that a stand-alone store could never achieve.


‘A better choice!’ Facebook has over 175,000 followers and more than 2 million impressions, with an average of two posts a day, seven days a week.


‘A better choice!’ Instagram has nearly 5,000 followers and 200,000 impressions, with an average of two posts a day, seven days a week.


‘A better choice!’ Pinterest has over 300 followers, 155k views per month and has posts delivered daily.


‘A better choice!’ website has over 30,000 new visitors per month 40+ million impressions, 180,00 followers and  750K views. The consumer-facing website promotes retailers, has a Find My Local Store, provides recipes, seasonal produce reports and articles on tips and ideas of making healthy choices at your local independent greengrocer.


‘A better choice!’ You Tube Channel allows us to provide video content promoting competitions, wholesalers,  retailers and growers and produce provenance.

A better choice!

‘A better choice!’ Emails are sent to over 70, 000 subscribers every week to celebrate produce days, healthy eating articles, recipes, competitions and promotions.


‘A better choice!’ amplifies its Autumn and Spring promotions through mass media – radio and podcast. For the Spring Fresh promotion KISS FM supported our campaign with Yumi Stynes as the ambassador.

geo targetting & SEO Optimisation

‘A better choice!’ uses search engine optimisation and geo targetting to help consumers locate greengrocers with messaging appropriate to their locality and behaviour. Additionally, we have a store locator on our website.

recipe cards

‘A better choice!’ Recipe Cards are a great way for greengrocers to entice additional purchasing through high content use of fruit and vegetables, easy to prepare dishes and encouraging the consumer to pursue a healthy diet.


‘A better choice!’ on demand television streams allow us to target greengrocer customers wherever they are, whenever they want content.


‘A better choice!’ engage influencers to help promote buying at your local independent retailer. From the Shop & Win promotion we engaged 15 influences around the country, including Master Chef champion Callum Hann.


’A better choice!’ Campaign Collateral is supported by point-of-sale, posters, merchandise, wobblers, floor decals and counter pads. Each with their own unique QR Code not only to track the entries, but the states performance and the type of POS they were using.


‘A better choice!’ Autumn promotions are focused on encouraging greater engagement by retail customers as well as the retailers themselves. 


‘A better choice!’ Spring Fresh Promotion is designed to increase awareness, demand and sales of fresh produce for retailers through local campaigns with a focus of encouraging consumers to shop local.


’A better choice!’ has two major national campaigns, Autumn and Spring every year plus we have more localised campaigns for Summer & Winter, such as ‘Veg In this Winter’.

'A better choice!' Recognised by industry

MOYA winner 2021

The ‘A better choice!’ campaign “Shop & Win”  won Australasia’s premier marketing award for the fresh fruit, vegetable and floral industries’ 2021 PMA-Produce Plus Marketer of the Year Award (MOYA). 


Winning MOYA is validation that our industry has recognised the investment Freshmark has made into the ‘A better choice!’ program as an important vehicle to ensuring the prosperity of greengrocers and strengthening our sector’s future. 

Fresh Markets Australia’s Deputy Chairman, Hamish Montague (pictured above with award sponsor Seeka’s Verena Cunningham), accepted the award on behalf of the ‘A better choice!’ team.

A better choice!

protecting the retail sector

Through a national consumer facing programs shopping at your local independent greengrocer will be part of every consumers 'shopping journey. Choice, freshness, advice and great service guaranteed.

Power in Unity


As the peak industry body for the fresh produce industry in New South Wales, Freshmark actively assumes a role of leadership and influence in the retail advocacy of the sector and its priority areas of interest, concern and opportunity.


‘A better choice!’ is one of our most important advocacy programs that has been designed to offset the decline in the number and quality of retail buyers purchasing fresh produce from the central markets.

Designed to stop consumers migrating from shopping at independent retailers to shopping at supermarkets

 Increase more fresh produce being purchased by the supermarkets within the central market system

Reduced the increased competition with Coles, Woolworths and ALDI that has decimated local independent retailers

Better promote the virtues of independent retailers in the face of increasing competition

To encourage, support and promote the sale and consumption of fresh produce purchased from local independent retailers and sourced from Australia’s central markets

Provide an opportunity for consumers to come together to help create a positive future for business owners, produce wholesalers and local growers who supply them.

Educate consumers about the quality, service and freshness of produce at their local fruit and vegetable shop

Support independent retailers with advertising, promotions and merchandising to create a more cohesive visual amongst retailers

A better choice!

A better choice! of available produce

A better choice! for freshness

A better choice! for knowledge and service

A better choice! to support your local community

A better choice! for you and your family