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Freshmark uses our expertise to ensure that the business, legal and political environment in which members operate is fair and balanced. We weigh in on activities that both promotes and threatens our members and our industry by actively engaging with Sydney Markets and all tiers of government to speak out for the rights of our members. Freshmark amplifies our advocacy through our services that include the provision of fact sheets, research, grants and up to date information on our industry through our e-newsletters. We also provide forums, training and reports, and give our members access to legal counsel through Freshmark's AFEI membership.

Meegan George - Chief Executive Officer

Advocacy in Action

Australia’s fresh produce industry is constantly facing challenges that prompt Freshmark to start the most difficult conversations and pave the road to change. We represent you, our members, making sure your voice is heard through building a community of supporters and influencing policy, ultimately shaping the fresh produce industry for the better!


OUR MEMBERS & industry


Power in Unity

Freshmark advocacy

As the peak industry body for the fresh produce industry in New South Wales, Freshmark actively assumes a role of leadership and influence in the advocacy of the sector and its priority areas of interest, concern and opportunity.

Self Advocacy

Self-advocacy is when you advocate for yourself, but it doesn’t mean you are alone. We can help you learn how to express yourself, stand up for your rights, and give you advice and support.

Individual Advocacy

Freshmark can support a member with a particular problem they’ve not been able to solve independently.

Legal Advocacy

Through Freshmark’s AFEI membership, members are helped through the justice system, better understand their legal rights, and be represented in court.

Systemic Advocacy

Systemic advocacy works to solve a collective issue that affects all our members and our sector. We often address issues with the system, where many people are experiencing the same problem. Those problems can be operational with Sydney Markets, legal or legislative; Freshmark has the expertise to advocate on the collective’s behalf.

Industry Advocacy

Industry advocacy allows Freshmark to put our members and industry at the forefront of future innovation.

We understand the key issues affecting our industry as a whole — the strengths, challenges, and future possibilities. And, we fight for the changes and protections that benefit everyone in our sector and ensure the future of the entire industry’s supply chain.

Advocacy Networks

Freshmark understands the importance of networking in advocacy because it creates structures for our members and industry stakeholders to share common goals.

Network advocacy includes forums, Summits, Steering Committees, Marketing & PR Committees,  ACCC Committee and social events. 

power in chamber unity

Unification of State Chambers

Fresh Markets Australia

Freshmark has increased the amplification efforts of our advocacy by belonging to the Australian Chamber of Fruit and Vegetable Industries Limited, trading as Fresh Markets Australia (FMA).

FMA is the national organisation representing each of the five Market Chambers, which themselves are organisations that represent the fruit and vegetable wholesalers located in each of Australia’s six central Markets (Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Newcastle).

Amplifying nationally 

FMA Members

South Australia

Western Australia

       NSW & Newcastle

Who FMA Services

Retail advocacy in action

Retail Advocacy

'A better choice!'

FMA has teamed up with the Central Markets Association of Australia (CMAA) to design a national retail program that promotes the independent retail sector that sells fruit, vegetables and flowers purchased through the central markets. 

The ‘A better choice!’  (ABC) program has been designed to increase sales for wholesalers and retailers for the betterment of the entire supply chain.


Our most important advocacy program

Why Freshmark Advocates for Retailers


ABC is one of our most important advocacy program that has been designed to offset the decline in the number and quality of retail buyers purchasing fresh produce from the central markets.

advocacy resolves disputes

Resolving Disputes

Fresh Codes

At times growers and wholesalers do have disputes that they can’t always work out between themselves. However, another important advocacy role of Freshmark is to facilitate a Grower Hotline Service specifically designed to investigate issues raised by growers and others who feel they have a grievances to be heard.

fresh codes

independent dispute resolution

All complaints comprise a thorough investigation by a Disputes Resolution Officer, involving interviews with the complainant and the wholesaler.  Wholesalers involved are requested to supply all necessary records and submit their processes to scrutiny.

If a complaint remains unresolved, procedures set out in Division 3 of the Horticulture Code of Conduct can be employed.

This level of resolution can be more costly as the investigation and mediation process can be more rigorous.


In general terms, we recommend that growers seek to resolve any disputes which they have directly with the wholesaler.  However,  unresolved matters will require the complainant to pursue legal action.


Advocacy starts with you trying to rectify an imbalance, it then leads to a dialogue with Freshmark who actively promotes the issue resulting in a strategic goal being developed either on behalf of the individual or a collection of members/industry stakeholders. The ultimate objective is to agitate change for the betterment of our entire industry, securing its future for the prosperity of the entire supply chain.

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