Business Partnership Program

Our Business Partnership Program will unlock a whole new world of opportunities and brand exposure for your business. Let us help you grow your business for a continued and prosperous future.

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Better Together

Our business partnership program provides you with opportunities to build trust and establish rapport with our members. It will be your chance to allow our members to identify with your brand for its generosity, dependability and supportive nature. 

we keep our promises

Our Promise

Conduit Between Business Partners & Members

Freshmark bases all business partnerships on the ethical concept and belief of trust, mutual benefit, clear expectations and aligned ambitions.

become a business partner

Partnership Pyramid

Freshmark offers a six-tiered Ribbon Model that reflects the value of each offering, and the level of mutually reflective commitment and engagement of Freshmark and the business partner with our members.

The tiered value is represented below in the Partnership Pyramid. The higher up the pyramid, the greater the effort, resources, commitment and rewards assigned to each mutually beneficial partnership.

You choose

Freshmark Tiered ribbon Model

Freshmark offers a six-tiered Ribbon Model that ranges from exclusivity of category, product and/ or services to a varying number of high-value benefits. Each tier includes Freshmark Associate Membership plus a sponsorship page on our website and a logo on our homepage and e-newsletters.

Freshmark Business Partnership Prospectus

Find out how you and your business can benefit from  becoming a business partner with Freshmark.

Trust Mutual Benefit Clear Expectations Aligned Ambitions

Which Ribbon Will You Choose?

Orange Ribbon

Base package

One Annual Instalment

Everythingt in Orange:

Purple Ribbon

Base package

Bi-annual Instalment

Everything in Purple, plus:

Yellow Ribbon

Base package

Bi-annual Instalment

Everything in Purple, plus:

Green Ribbon

Base Package

Quarterly Instalments

Everything in Yellow, plus:

Red Ribbon

Exclusive Product/Service Category

Monthly Instalments

Everything in Green, plus:

Blue Ribbon

Exclusive Ribbon Category

Monthly Instalments

Everything in Red, plus:

create your own

A la Carte Ribbon

Bespoke Ribbon Category

You can design your own tier model that creates the best coverage for your brand.

Take the Next Step

Creation of a Mutually Beneficial Partnership

There are many opportunities that await you and your company’s brand. It is your chance to demonstrate to our members your long-term shared purpose, where like Freshmark, you advocate for their and our industry’s success.

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Step 02

Tier Model

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Step 04