Freshmark in The News

Freshmark in The News

Produce industry welcomes Supply Chain Commissioner committment

Premier Dominic Perrottet Facebook – 24 February 2023

Photo credit Toby Zerna/Office of the NSW Premier

Good supply and range of veggies and fruit for a yummy Christmas feast

The veggies are back but where are the customers?

News Radios/podcasts – 23 September 2022

2GB, 4BC, 3AW, 2NM, 102.7FM, 2AY, 2GN, 2QN, 3CS, 3NE,3SH, 3WM, 3YB, 4BC, 4BU, 4LG, 4VL, 4ZR, 5CC, 5MU, Triple M Goulburn, Triple M Limstone Coast, 5AA Talking Adelaide

COVID’s Impact on Fresh Produce Supply Chain

Markets community comes together for the people of bilpin

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