SMF Events 2022

41st Annual Cherry Auction 2022

Meegan George, Robert Lo (winner), Dr Richard Mitchell & Chairman Carlo Trimboli

Pro Bros Providores Crowned the Winner!

For those that attended the Sydney Markets Foundation Charity Gala Dinner on Saturday night – what a night!! After fantastic food, lots of champagne, music, magic, and fun, it was down to business for the Cherry Auction.

A stirring speech by Dr Richard Mitchell, Acting Head of the Kids Cancer Centre, had our Cherry Auction punters fired up to dig deep! And dig deep they did!

Congratulations to Pro Bros Providores, Robert Lo and Lenny Oktaria, Cherry Crown Winners of 2022! Pro Brothers won the honours with a whopping $60,000 bid! This amazing bid increased to $80,000 with a $20,000 donation from Sydney Markets Credit Services.

SMF Gala Dinner 2022 : Photos

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Breaking Down Depression & Building Resilience with The Black Dog Institute

Through our grant to the Black Dog Institute from our 2022 campaign, BDI were able to go into six regional NSW communities to educate local community members on the signs of depression and anxiety, and how to seek support.

Our help made it possible for BDI to connect their educational presentations to 440 community members in collaboration with Active Farmers, Australian Men’s Shed Association and Creative Community Concepts. 

With the grant provided to Black Dog Institute from the Sydney Markets Foundation in November 2022, we have been able to present to 6 regional communities across New South Wales. Each of these communities was presented our Breaking Down Depression & Building Resilience presentation by one of our trained lived experience presenters.

Key Stats:
• 6 regional NSW communities visited.
• 3 Black Dog Institute lived experience presenters sharing their personal experiences of mental Illness and educating on the signs and symptoms of depression and anxiety and how to seek support for themselves or others.
• 440 people attended across the 7 sessions.
• 3 major partners engaged to assist with delivery.
– Active Farmers
– Australian Men’s Shed Association
– Creative Community Concepts


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