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Sydney Markets Foundation is a not-for-profit charitable organisation that aims to assist those businesses that are part of the fresh produce supply chain during times of crisis. Its charitable activities have provided funding to help communities through drought, floods, and bushfires and lend a helping hand to people associated with Sydney Markets and the industry who are doing it tough.

Generosity of Spirit

Sydney Markets Foundation’s objective is to provide relief from poverty, distress, sickness, unemployment, and financial hardship for the wider community and those associated with the New South Wales’ fresh produce industry and Sydney Markets, irrespective of age, race, gender or status.

Meegan George - CEO

Tonga recovery appeal

The volcanic eruption and tsunami that rocked Tonga tore apart homes and lives. As the clean-up continues, we’re supporting the Tongan community to recover for a bright new future.

the eruption

Why we need your help

On 15 January, the Hunga Tonga–Hunga Haʻapai volcano off the coast of Tonga erupted – sending an ash cloud 18km into the sky and tsunami waves that have caused devastation across the nation’s largest island, Tongatapu.

More than 12,000 households have been affected, with every agricultural sector in the country suffering substantial losses and water supplies being contaminated by ashfall and saltwater.

The people of Tonga are in desperate need of emergency shelter, food, safe drinking water, toilets and other basic essentials.


the result

Shipping Container

Fishing Boat

Clean Water


Your generous donation is the best way to make a difference in the lives of others

Be the Hero that changes the lives of individuals and communities who are suffering from unimaginable hardships

Our Causes

With your help, the Foundation aims to raise much-needed funds, today and into the future, with several Appeals dedicated to helping support our fresh produce community, here and abroad, who need us now more than ever.

Tonga Recovery Appeal

Please donate today to help children and families in Tonga recover from the volcanic eruption that led to the subsequent tsunami and ashfall, crippling the country and leaving 80% of its people without a home.


Target $100,000

Adult Well Being Program

Help our industry get access to a specially created Adult Wellbeing Program designed by the Black Dog Institute to support those experiencing mental health issues, such as depression. Please help us to make this vital service a reality.


Target $100,000

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