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This is Freshmark

With roots dating back to 1925, the NSW Chamber of Fresh Produce Limited, trading as Freshmark, has evolved to become a representative organisation that invests its resources towards advancing the operating environment of its members and the fresh produce industry.

Freshmark is devoted exclusively to the needs and interests of the fresh produce sector for New South Wales. We represent growers, wholesalers, retailers and their customers who operate from Sydney and Newcastle Markets, including greengrocers, exporters, providores, growers and service providers.


Meegan George - Chief Executive Officer

Ahead of the game!

Freshmark’s strength is our ability to learn and translate that learning into action quickly, allowing us to provide our members with the necessary products and services to give them a competitive advantage.

what drives us

our purpose

‘To promote, advance and protect the interests of our industry.’

our vision

 ‘A relevant and reliable provider of services to the NSW fresh produce industry, improving the operating environment for independent businesses.’

our mission

‘To bring inspiration and innovation to the development and delivery of services that aim to meet our Vision.’

our values

‘To bring inspiration and innovation to the development and delivery of services that aim to meet our Vision.’

Create Innovation

Freshmark will deliver innovation by investing in programs that add value and benefits to all Freshmark stakeholders.

Show Respect

Freshmark will respect the views and positions of all Freshmark stakeholders in the development of agreed Freshmark programs and industry policies.

Demonstrate Leadership

Freshmark will provide leadership in designing and implementing agreed programs and policies for the long-term benefit of the NSW fresh produce industry.

Be Accountable

Freshmark will be accountable to all Freshmark stakeholders in the management, delivery and results of all programs.

Representing you is
what we do best

Who we Represent

Our business has one priority, the stakeholders’ success within the fresh produce industry of New South Wales. The world is changing, and Freshmark is here to help you stay ahead of the game.

Sydney Markets Wholesalers

Freshmark represents three-quarters of Sydney Markets' wholesalers, with many members being with us since our inception.

Sydney Flower Markets

In 2020, Sydney Flower Markets' growers and wholesalers join Freshmark to help heighten their advocacy position in our industry.

Newcastle Markets Wholesalers

Our slogan is 'Better Together!', which has led to Newcastle Markets joining Freshmark to ensure the prosperity of their markets.

NSW Growers

Many Freshmark members also belong to the grower community, who we support through arbitration, events and the provision of FreshTest.

NSW Greengrocers

Greengrocers are the final link in our supply chain, which we support through our national marketing promotion program, 'A better choice!'

Exporters and Providores

Freshmark's focus is the prosperity of the entire supply chain that includes exporters and providores through the provision of services and data exchange.

Products & services

What we deliver

The best way to experience what it means to be a Freshmark member is through our services. So follow the services below and choose the best ones that meet your business needs.

We create opportunities that allow our members to connect with each other within our sector, at Sydney Markets, conferences and special events, and find better ways to run profitable businesses.

With Freshmark membership, all employees are members. As, a result, you and your team have access to tools and resources to help your business thrive. But, most importantly, you become a part of a community of peers who want to share in the industry’s success just like the founding members did nearly 100 years ago.

your team

Meet the People Behind
the Name

Meegan George

Chief Execuitve Officer

My role is to create, plan, implement, and integrate the strategic direction of Freshmark. I do this by leading and guiding Freshmark’s highly skilled team to meet the operational and advocacy requirements of our members.

Arooran Manicks

Finance & Corporate Services Manager

My role is to ensure the smooth business operation of Freshmark. I do this through the provision of timely and accurate financial information, associated reports and submissions designed to support our members.

Sue Zacherl

Business Services Manager

My role is to support Freshmark’s strategic initiatives and the financial success of its operations, including the delivery of products and services to our members. I do this by identifying cost-saving and revenue sources, coordinating projects and programs and making recommendations to improve operational efficiencies. 

Frederica McCauley

Communications Manager

My role is to ensure Freshmark’s message is consistent and engaging through its internal and external communications channels. I do this by managing e-newsletters, websites, marketing collateral, media releases, events, business partnerships and social media.

Lindi Shull

Program/ Office Assistant

My role is to provide support to team members working on projects. I do this through administrative and telecommunication support, data and social media management. I also support members directly everyday collecting and processing FreshTest samples, as well as account manage our ‘A better choice!’ members.

your board

Passion for the Prosperity of the Fresh Produce Industry Defines our Board

The Board

The Freshmark Board comprises of a Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson and nine Directors each representing NSW’s fruit, vegetable and flower industries.


Who We Represent

Each board member is a representative of wholesaler, grower and retailer groups who make up the fresh produce supply chain.

What we Bring

Collectively we bring more than 200 years of experience within the entire spectrum of our industry. Our experience and knowledge are our strength.  

Our Role

We identify options to current situations and constantly prepare alternative scenarios – even the most unlikely ones – to ensure our industry thrives.

Freshmark App

Freshmark’s face-to-face customer service is second to none, but we wanted to expand your experience through the introduction of the Freshmark App. It has been designed to make sure our industry stakeholders have an interface geared specifically to provide them with the best experience for trader information, access to the latest news, services and events, and additional promotional offers from our business partners.

Our Industry

From harvest… 

Our industry has a domestic and international reputation for producing quality products, due to our high standards across all stages of the supply chain, from farm to consumer.

to home.

Farm Gate Value

The industry represents a total farm gate value of $13.2 billion.


There are some 12,000 businesses located in every state and territory nationally.


The industry employs more than 72,000 Australians.

Sector Importance

The horticulture sector is the third largest sector within Australian agriculture and comprises of fruit, vegetables, nuts, flowers, turf and nursery products.



The fresh produce industry has a long and proud history. Its longevity stems from stakeholders collectively adhering to strict guidelines, rules and code of ethics that are translated into each company's business constitution.

Code of Ethical Business Practice

For more than 85 years, Freshmark's Code of Ethical Business Practice has defined how businesses within the fresh produce industry receive and sell fresh produce, the foundation of which is based upon trust and goodwill.

Freshmark Constitution

Freshmark is the trading name of NSW Chamber of Fresh Produce Limited, a public company limited by guarantee. Its operational focus is to increase the productivity, profitability and worldwide competitiveness of the industry, by providing competitive services, resources and programs to the industry.

Horticultural Code of Conduct

All stakeholders within the fresh produce industry adhere to the Horticultural Code of Conduct. The Code regulates trade between the grower and the wholesaler and provides fair and equitable dispute resolution procedures.

of our Industry

From growers to wholesalers, to retail and business management, there are many rewarding career options in the fresh produce industry. It’s a broad, dynamic and progressive industry with plenty of room to grow in a number of challenging roles.

Marketing & PR
Forklift Drivers
Sales - Domestic & International
Sales - Domestic & International
Business Managers

Bringing happiness to your table is our greatest privilege