About Us

This is Freshmark

With roots dating back to 1925, the NSW Chamber of Fresh Produce Limited, trading as Freshmark, has evolved to become a representative organisation that invests its resources towards advancing the operating environment of its members and the fresh produce industry.

Freshmark is devoted exclusively to the needs and interests of the fresh produce sector for New South Wales. We represent growers, wholesalers, retailers and their customers who operate from Sydney and Newcastle Markets, including greengrocers, exporters, providores, growers and service providers.


Meegan George - Chief Executive Officer

Ahead of the game!

Freshmark’s strength is our ability to learn and translate that learning into action quickly, allowing us to provide our members with the necessary products and services to give them a competitive advantage.

Strength in community

Passion for the Prosperity of the Fresh Produce Industry Defines our Board

The Board

The Freshmark Board comprises of a Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson and nine Directors each representing NSW’s fruit, vegetable and flower industries.


Who We Represent

Each board member is a representative of wholesaler, grower and retailer groups who make up the fresh produce supply chain.

What we Bring

Collectively we bring more than 200 years of experience within the entire spectrum of our industry. Our experience and knowledge are our strength.  

Our Role

We identify options to current situations and constantly prepare alternative scenarios – even the most unlikely ones – to ensure our industry thrives.

Farm Gate Value

The industry represents a total farm gate value of $13.2 billion.


There are some 12,000 businesses located in every state and territory nationally.


The industry employs more than 72,000 Australians.

Sector Importance

The horticulture sector is the third largest sector within Australian agriculture and comprises of fruit, vegetables, nuts, flowers, turf and nursery products.



The fresh produce industry has a long and proud history. Its longevity stems from stakeholders collectively adhering to strict guidelines, rules and code of ethics that are translated into each company's business constitution.

Code of Ethical Business Practice

For more than 85 years, Freshmark's Code of Ethical Business Practice has defined how businesses within the fresh produce industry receive and sell fresh produce, the foundation of which is based upon trust and goodwill.

Freshmark Constitution

Freshmark is the trading name of NSW Chamber of Fresh Produce Limited, a public company limited by guarantee. Its operational focus is to increase the productivity, profitability and worldwide competitiveness of the industry, by providing competitive services, resources and programs to the industry.

Horticultural Code of Conduct

All stakeholders within the fresh produce industry adhere to the Horticultural Code of Conduct. The Code regulates trade between the grower and the wholesaler and provides fair and equitable dispute resolution procedures.

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