Horticulture’s supply chain now has professional support

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Horticulture’s supply chain now has 24/7/365 access to Benestar’s free professional services to help navigate through life’s challenging issues or to help enhance wellbeing.

Speaking at the Hort Connections 2022 conference in Brisbane, Freshcare chairperson Belinda Hazell OAM said the partnership with Benestar would give Freshcare certified participants access to the organisation’s professional services.

“We’ve partnered with Benestar to provide a holistic and comprehensive health and wellbeing program to help you feel great and be your best you,” Ms Hazell said.

“Best You by Benestar offers professional, confidential coaching and support, which is free for you and your eligible family members and staff.”

Benestar’s Sara Shaw said the support service had operated in Australia for the past 32 years and offered confidential support from an experienced clinician.

“You can organise to meet with a clinician either face to face, via phone, video or through LiveChat via the BeneHub app,” Ms Shaw said.

“During your conversation your clinician will gain an understanding about the issue you are experiencing and then provide you with helpful, proactive strategies on how you can approach the situation.”

MyCoach is available for individuals, people leaders and executives, providing support for mental health, strategies to create better work-life balance, managing stress, guidance on parenting issues, advice on how to improve your fitness and nutrition, specialist support for people leaders, and improving relationships.

Benestar also has a wide range of other resources available. These include: blog posts, podcasts, animations, videos and learning modules available on the BeneHub portal to provide support and help improve overall wellbeing and performance.

Freshcare is an Australian-owned and operated not-for-profit company providing internationally recognised assurance standards for the fresh produce and wine grape industries.

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