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As Board members, our focus is to provide a comprehensive review of our strategic plan, operational capability and practices and provide valuable, insightful recommendations. We assess all input during our meetings to ensure benchmarks and activities are more streamlined and provides overall direction and benefit to our Freshmark members and the fresh produce industry.

Carlo Trimboli - Chairperson

Formidable Team

Each member of our Board brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, with a level of dedication and responsibility that extends beyond attending Board meetings.  We bring a lot to the table and maintain an unwavering interest to achieve the Vision of Freshmark for the prosperity of the fresh produce industry.


Meet the People Who Represent you

Carlo Trimboli

Freshmark Chairperson of the Board


Samsons Fruit & Vegetable Supply

For nearly thirty years I have walked the floors of Sydney Markets selling produce and supporting my fellow wholesalers. It has put me in a strong and influential position that has allowed me to take on the role of Freshmark Chairperson since 2019.

I am extremely passionate about our industry and its prosperity and being a part of Freshmark allows me to achieve this goal for the betterment of my fellow wholesalers and the fresh produce industry.

Joe Zappia

Freshmark Chairperson of the Board

Zappia Produce Group

I am a third generation wholesaler, so fresh produce is in my blood. I was awarded the Col Johnson National Young Achievers Award for my services to the Market Industry Committee, which I served as President for several years. 

Passion, experience and integrity are the key values I bring as Freshmark’s Deputy  Chairperson. For more than 25 years I have made customer service and achieving the best results for my growers my top priority resulting in the development of many solid relationships that has translated into my effectiveness as Deputy Chairperson.

Caroline Pisciuneri

Freshmark Board Member

All Seasons Produce

I am privileged to be part of a long line of influential women who have left an indelible mark on our industry through their Freshmark directorship. My expertise covers the entire spectrum of fresh produce, including ownership of  Seven Springs apple orchard in Batlow to being a wholesaler at the Sydney Markets.

My influence is also enhanced through my membership of the Batlow Fruit Co-operative and the Ausfarm Fresh Group, as well are my recent appointment as Wholesale Director to Sydney Markets Limited. My goal is to provide a solid and sustainable future for our industry and for future generations to come.

Steve Barnes

Freshmark Board Member

JetBest Group

I am passionate about our industry and the people it supports, and I believe the Sydney Markets play a key role in the success of our sector.

My goal is to connect growers with customers and the end consumer, through the engagement and growth of people. There is a fantastic story to tell an increasingly sophisticated consumer base looking for provenance and authenticity in the fresh produce they buy. 

I am excited to support Freshmark to be responsive and innovative to meet market demands, putting customer service at the heart of all initiatives.

Matthew Palise

Freshmark Board Member

Red Rich Fruit NSW

I have over 20 years of experience in the Australian fresh fruit and vegetable industry, across sectors including growing, packing, wholesale, and retail. I am a qualified accountant with expertise in profitable growth.
I am dedicated to building a bright and sustainable future for Freshmark and the fresh produce industry.
I believe that the key to success is in the numbers, innovation and remaining agile to take advantage of new information, trends, and technologies.

Carolyn Miller

Board Member – Appointed

The Honeycomb Effect

I have been working in the marketing and advertising industry for over 20 years. I am founding director of communications consultancy The Honeycomb Effect and a regular panellist on the ABC Television Program ‘Gruen’.

I believe in elevating locally owned and operated businesses, knowing that innovation, quality, the economy and families all benefit from having a diverse marketplace of operators. 

As a member of the Freshmark Board I will champion the right for all participants in the supply chain to make a profit, have authority over their own operations and have their voices heard in the regulatory environment.

Mark Arnold

Board Member – Appointed

With over 30 years in financial services, I have held senior finance positions globally, including London, New York, and Hong Kong, and served as Global CFO. As a Deloitte partner in Australia and South Africa, I specialised in organisational, accounting compliance, and strategic business transformation using Cloud technology. I am also a board director for Blue Knot and Afford.

The fresh produce industry faces climate change, supply chain disruptions, and regulatory challenges. Embracing ESG principles, sustainable practices, ethical labour standards, and strong governance is crucial. The industry must adapt to consumer demand for sustainability, ensuring long-term viability and positive impact through technological change.

Fiona Jolly

Board Member – Appointed

Fiona Jolly Constulting

I am an experienced Chair, Non-Executive Director, Chief Executive Officer, and Lawyer with a background in FMCG businesses, rural industries, media and communications, infrastructure, and member organisations. My passion lies in helping businesses achieve success both domestically and globally by providing services, goods, and information to consumers and enterprises in an effective and ethical manner.

My international experience includes working with multinational corporations and regulatory and self-regulatory organisations on domestic, regional, and global levels, including collaborations with APEC and ASEAN. I bring integrity, energy, and a collaborative spirit to my roles. I am results-driven, determined to deliver, and committed to ethical governance.

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