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As Board members, our focus is to provide a comprehensive review of our strategic plan, operational capability and practices and provide valuable, insightful recommendations. We assess all input during our meetings to ensure benchmarks and activities are more streamlined and provides overall direction and benefit to our Freshmark members and the fresh produce industry.

Carlo Trimboli - Chairperson

Formidable Team

Each member of our Board brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, with a level of dedication and responsibility that extends beyond attending Board meetings.  We bring a lot to the table and maintain an unwavering interest to achieve the Vision of Freshmark for the prosperity of the fresh produce industry.


Meet the People Who Represent you

Carlo Trimboli

Freshmark Chairperson of the Board


Samsons Fruit & Vegetable Supply

For nearly thirty years I have walked the floors of Sydney Markets selling produce and supporting my fellow wholesalers. It has put me in a strong and influential position that has allowed me to take on the role of Freshmark Chairperson since 2019.

I am extremely passionate about our industry and its prosperity and being a part of Freshmark allows me to achieve this goal for the betterment of my fellow wholesalers and the fresh produce industry.

Joe Zappia

Freshmark Chairperson of the Board

Zappia Produce Group

I am a third generation wholesaler, so fresh produce is in my blood. I was awarded the Col Johnson National Young Achievers Award for my services to the Market Industry Committee, which I served as President for several years. 

Passion, experience and integrity are the key values I bring as Freshmark’s Deputy  Chairperson. For more than 25 years I have made customer service and achieving the best results for my growers my top priority resulting in the development of many solid relationships that has translated into my effectiveness as Deputy Chairperson.

George Macri

Freshmark Board Member

Macri Fruit Distributors

Fresh produce is in my blood. For more than two generations my family has proudly supplied the Sydney Markets community with the highest quality produce. I have served on the Freshmark Board for more than 25 years and in that time I have driven incredible change.

The result of these changes include the establishment of the Sydney Markets Credit Service, the privatisation of Sydney Markets now called Sydney Markets Limited, the set up of the Mandatory Code of Conduct, help established Fresh for Kids and established the Sydney Markets Foundation, of which I am a Board Member.

Caroline Pisciuneri

Freshmark Board Member

All Seasons Produce

I am privileged to be part of a long line of influential women who have left an indelible mark on our industry through their Freshmark directorship. My expertise covers the entire spectrum of fresh produce, including ownership of  Seven Springs apple orchard in Batlow to being a wholesaler at the Sydney Markets.

My influence is also enhanced through my membership of the Batlow Fruit Co-operative and the Ausfarm Fresh Group, as well are my recent appointment as Wholesale Director to Sydney Markets Limited. My goal is to provide a solid and sustainable future for our industry and for future generations to come.

Harry Emmanildis

Freshmark Board Member

Akropol Fruit & Vegetable Supplies

My expertise lies within the vegetable sector of our industry. For more than 26 years I have worked as a wholesaler at Sydney Markets selling fresh herbs, bunch lines and all leafy vegetable products. I live by my family business philosophy to continuously innovate and provide the freshest produce to retailers, providores and restaurants.

These philosophies are what I bring to my directorships with Freshmark and Fresh Markets Australia. My Board positions have provided me with a platform to ensure the vegetable industry in NSW is continuously rejuvenated. I am passionate about driving change for the betterment of all industry stakeholders.

Joe Nati

Freshmark Board Member

Col Johnson &Co

As a board member of Col Johnson & Son and Freshmark, I take on a unique perspective in seeing critical opportunities to advance our priorities for trade, disaster aid, climate change, sustainable horticulture and agriculture, small family farms and specialty crops. My focus is to grow ideas that work.

Greg McConnell

Freshmark Board Member

Express Fruit Service

As a second generation wholesaler, I pride myself with extensive knowledge of the exotic fruit sector of our industry. Since 1978 my company has established an enviable reputation for building and fortifying relationships with growers that has allowed me to have a unique insight into the issues impacting our entire fruit supply chain.

I am passionate about the fresh produce industry and I wan to effect change through my positions on both the Freshmark Board and the Sydney Markets Foundation Board. My focus is to make the Markets’ environment profitable and sustainable.

Michael Murone

Freshmark Board Member

Harry Sun

My role as board director has spanned more than a decade that has  allowed me to be on the front line when there are threats to the horticulture industry. Through my tenure as director I have achieved many victories, one of which is getting the NSW government to recognise horticulture as part of the broader agricultural industry. 


Tony Campisi

Freshmark Board Member

T & F Marketing

As the Director of the Freshmark Board and member of the Finance, Audit and Risk Committee, I bring 35 years of business and strategic experience that encourages innovative and forward-thinking to benefits our members and Sydney Markets shareholders.

My knowledge encompasses growing, wholesaling and distribution of fresh produce, which is why I am passionate about bringing unity among scattered stakeholders that represent the entire supply chain, to ensure we are all fairly treated in the marketplace, before the industrial courts and in the political process. 

Lifetime Achievement Award

Those who go above and beyond!

The Lifetime Achievement Award is presented in recognition of an individual’s outstanding leadership and contribution to the fresh produce sector. This may be a new innovation, new knowledge, or ways to improve professional practice deemed to be above and beyond the every day with a long-lasting impact in the sector.


LJ Jenkins


CR Walker


N J Kellaway


 E J Milne


GC Pogson


JE Ewen


AG Russell

The rich tapestry of our industry has been woven through our Life Members' unrelenting commitment to fresh produce.


CW Johnson


SR Hunt


 WF Chalk


 S Zappia


J Antico

Presidents' Roll of Honour

Freshmark is indebted to those individuals who have provided exceptional contributions to the fresh produce industry

LJ Jenkins Founding Member



First President of The NSW Chamber of Fruit and Vegetables Incorporated

In recognition of their service and dedication to improving the fresh produce industry through their role as President of The NSW Chamber of Fruit and Vegetables Incorporated, each President has been inducted into the prestigious Presidents’ Roll of Honour.

We begin our journey with Leslie James Jenkins the founding member of The Chamber, who served as the first President between 1935-1939. Through Leslie’s vision for New South Wales’ fresh produce industry, The Chamber has been able to grow the industry domestically and internationally for both growers and wholesalers. 

In 2020, The NSW Chamber of Fruit and Vegetables Incorporated transitioned from being an incorporated association to a public company limited by guarantee resulting in the appointment of a new Board, a change to the constitution and company name to the NSW Chamber of Fresh Produce Limited. 

Carlo Trimboli is the last serving President of the Committee but continues his service as Chairperson for The NSW Chamber of Fresh Produce Limited Board.


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