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Freshmark tackles central market challenges


Sydney, 22 June 2023:

Freshmark CEO Meegan George contributed to the Retail World June 2023 magazine addition with an article on Freshmark’s efforts to improving the central markets system in helping wholesalers, growers, retailers and the fresh produce sector.


Produce industry welcomes Supply Chain Commissioner committment


Sydney, 24 February 2023:

Freshmark CEO Meegan George joined Premier Perrottet at a press conference announcing the commitment on Friday. The Premier flagged a focus on transport challenges in the fresh produce sector, which Ms George says would be a great place for a commissioner to start. 

Photo credit Toby Zerna/Office of the NSW Premier


Sydney, 8 June 2022:

Carlo Trimboli, the chair of the NSW Chamber of Fresh Produce and the managing director of Samson’s Fruit and Vegetable Supply, said as long as the supply was low across the industry and demand continued, so would high prices. He estimated that his wholesale supply was down by 80 per cent.

Weather Drives Fruit & Veg Pricing

Sydney, 6 May 2022:

There is a lot of commentary that inflation is contributing to skyrocketing product prices and consumers should expect this to continue for the foreseeable future.  Whilst this is true, when it comes to the pricing of fruit and vegetables, weather is also a key driver for fresh produce price fluctuations.

Central Markets Fair Pricing to Growers

Sydney, 29 April 2022:

The NSW Chamber of Fresh Produce Limited (Freshmark), in response to current media reports regarding price gouging by the larger supermarkets, reaffirms the importance of the central markets system’s role as a positive vehicle for growers to get a fair deal under the protection of the ACCC’s heavily governed Horticultural Code of Conduct that ensures equitable and transparent contractual pricing. 

COVID’s Impact on Fresh Produce Supply Chain

Sydney, 11 January 2022:

“The COVID-19 crisis’s potency comes from its power to touch the lives of everyone across Australia. The current Omicron strain of COVID has decimated Australia’s labour supply, especially regarding the vital transporting of essential fundamentals, like fresh produce. In response, our industry has been working even harder to maintain fruit and vegetable supplies and have worked collaboratively with the transport sector to ensure Australia’s food security is uncompromised.

freshmark CEO James kellaway resigns

Sydney, 6 September 2021:

Peak industry body, NSW Chamber of Fresh Produce, trading as Freshmark, today announced its Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr James Kellaway, will be leaving the company on 6 October 2021 to further progress his career in the agriculture sector.Freshmark Chairperson, Mr Carlo Trimboli, expressed his sincere thanks to Mr Kellaway.

freshmark launches new website to amplify our advocacy capabilities

Sydney, 2 September 2021:

Freshmark is proud to announce the launch of its newly designed website,, our latest tool to ensure that our members’ voices are amplified for the prosperity of the fresh produce industry. The clean, modern aesthetics of the website design represent how we uniquely position ourselves as a company in the advocacy space. Our marketing team choose beautiful vibrant colours and fluid lines to connect our website visitors to what makes our industry so vibrant, its people.


Sydney, 25 May 2021:

CarloTrimboli, Chairperson of the Sydney Markets Foundation, said the fresh produce wholesaler community was passionate about doing whatever it could to get Bilpin back on track, as they could see first-hand the devastation left in the aftermath of the bushfires and the toll it was having on their growers. 

fruit and veg prices remain stable despite economic pressures

Sydney, 4 March 2021:

“Bushfires, drought, floods and COVID have put all Australians to the test but no more so than for our country’s fresh produce industry, who, despite consequential pressures, have managed to preserve the pricing of fruit and vegetables throughout 2020, and will endeavour to do so throughout 2021.

Sydney Markets Foundation donates new fire truck to Batlow

Sydney, 26 March 2021:

Batlow, located in the Snowy Mountains region of NSW, has long been known for growing some of the best apples in Australia, and most Australians would have had a Batlow apple in their shopping trolley at one time or another. Carlo Trimboli, Chairperson of the Sydney Markets Foundation, said the fresh produce wholesaler community was eager to step up in support when Batlow needed them. 

MRL testing – a matter of safety

Sydney, 12 November 2020:

In a world where consumers demand assurances that the food they eat is safe and meets the most stringent standards, you need a Maximum Residue Limits (MRL) testing solution designed to reduce risk exposure. Since 2001 FreshTest® has become Australia’s most extensive cost effective MRL testing program.

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