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Freshmark has teamed up with peak industry body the Australian Federation of Employers & Industries, also known as AFEI, to help members protect their business interests when it comes to their staff.

AFEI's main role is to advise, represent and assist employers like you, to meet your workplace regulation obligations, assist you with human resources management, provide WHS and a wide range of training, as well as seek appropriate regulation from the Government. AFEI also has an in-house legal firm, AFEI Legal, that is accessible to our members and whose legal fees are competitively priced.

Meegan George - Chief Executive Officer


AFEI will help you understand your obligations, and stay compliant with Australia’s industrial relations laws. You will be able to navigate complex employee entitlements, pay rates, contracts and Modern Awards that can be very confusing. You will become proactive rather than reactive to your legislative obligations, and because you are a member, this service is FREE!

what afei can do for you?


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AFEI Consultancy

When you engage an AFEI Consultant, you receive tailored guidance and support with handling the more difficult aspects of managing employment issues.

Disciplinary issues

Drafting letters to employees, preparation for meetings, and implementing decisions

Workplace Structure

Restructuring, downsizing, outsourcing and other major workplace changes impacting employees

Addressing Disputes

Workplace disputes, including discussions with employee representatives (such as union officials) 


Understanding complex award conditions and other safety net conditions


Unfair Dismissal and General Protections claims in the Fair Work Commission


Review of time and wages records and individual flexibility agreements

AFEI takes the time to understand your business and deliver sound and practical advice, outcomes, representation and training that will not only save you money but help you meet your workplace obligations.

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Who is AFEI?

Freshmark has teamed up with AFEI, an independent peak employers group representing and advising employers, influencing employer policy and actively involved in all major workplace relations issues affecting Australian businesses.

AFEI’s team of employment lawyers, HR consultants and workplace advisors provide members with a range of employer services, including advice, guidance, workplace training and legal representation.

AFEI appears on behalf of our members in forums such as industrial tribunals, government inquiries, industry bodies and the media.  

AFEI is a key participant in developing employer policy at the National and State levels. They lobby the government and work on behalf of members to convince regulators that regulation must be fair, balanced and practical.

Represent & defend

AFEI Legal

AFEI Legal services are designed to minimise employer exposure to litigation or compensation claims. However, mistakes still happen and doing the right thing doesn’t necessarily insulate employers from unjustified claims by disaffected employees or impossible to implement the regulation.

In today’s litigious environment, every employer needs to be confident they’ve got the best possible team to represent and defend them against a potential claim or prosecution across the ever-increasing areas of exposure.

AFEI Legal focuses on industrial relations, employment, discrimination, work health and safety and workplace legal matters.

They represent employers’ interests in tribunals, in dealing with governments, on industry bodies and elsewhere. Their expertise gives them a distinct advantage over lawyers without this breadth of experience and knowledge.

AFEI Legal’s rates for this service are competitive and lower than the costs of an external firm.

Afei is your
in-house counsel

afei training

standard or tailored courses

AFEI training courses cover a wide range of Human Resources, Frontline Management, WHS and general business and workplace management skills. The courses can be done at AFEI’s office or onsite at your workplace.

Courses are design designed to improve business performance and cover key areas of potential exposure, from unfair dismissals, discrimination, bullying and harassment to workplace health and safety. 

AFEI Trainers have attained the most current training qualifications. They are professionals with a high level of industry experience in the fields they train, thus allowing for workplace customisation and flexibility.

JH Gotts

Over the past couple of years, we have had to call AFEI for a number of employee issues. The hotline is very helpful and professional. Every time I have had to utilise their services, they have always taken the time to explain our rights and responsibilities clearly and have never rushed the conversation. They always make sure we have all the relevant information to make a choice for our company. Victor, in particular is very friendly and helpful. Would highly recommend their services and thank Freshmark for engaging them.

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