Office Efficiencies

Office Productivity

operational Efficiencies

Freshmark has aligned itself with several business partners such as EFEX, One Solution, QBE, AVIS and Officeworks, to help members increase workplace productivity and efficiencies without breaking the bank. Freshmark employs many techniques to achieve this, including state of the art office equipment offerings, IT, network, voice and data solutions to enhance our members' team productiveness.

Sue Zacherl - Business Services Manager

The Right Mix

Freshmark continuously finds ways of making our member’s life easier, taking on the role of office procurer of hardware and software to help reduce office downtime. Our business partners become an extension of our members’ businesses, providing support services that allow them to do what they do best – sell fruit, vegetables and flowers.


Software & Hardware

We offer through our business partners, many products and services designed to make running an office easier. Through print and telephone services, IT and smart device payment plans our aim is to create greater connectivity between members’ staff and customers.



We can provide IT services, including managing your in-house IT, data security, backups and end-user support.


We can provide telephone, fax, chat, call centre, and video conferencing, no matter the business size or complexity.




We offer print services that take the hassle out of notoriously fickle printers and photocopiers.

Smart Devices

We offer highly competitive plans for smartphones, tablets and computers.

partnering with office experts

partnering with office experts

As a valued member of Freshmark, by signing up for a 30 Day Officeworks’ Business Account you can gain access to exclusive member benefits, such as business pricing on a wide range of office essentials.

partnering with office experts


Freshmark has partnered with Officeworks to provide members with the best products, services, solutions and specialist advice to help manage your business and save money.

That’s better for business because now you’ll have more time to focus on the things that really matter – like making bigger things happen for your business.


exclusive benefits for Members

You can become part of Freshmark’s Customer Group by providing  your BP 30 Day Account Number. Once we register you, your ordering and invoicing will stay the same, however, you will begin to see the savings that will increase as our account reaches pre-determined tiers. 


Easy Online Ordering

There are no queues, waiting or fuss with our easy, secure online ordering available 24/7, from wherever you are.

Business Specialists

Our Business Specialists are happy to come to you to ensure you’ve got everything you need to keep your business running smoothly.

Large Store Network

Shop locally at Officeworks Five Dock, or have the added convenience of 165+ stores nationally, so when the unexpected happens, there’s an Officeworks close by to save the day.

30 Day Business Account

Take advantage of multiple cards linked to one account, and the convenience of 30 days to pay. 

Flexible Delivery

Our delivery options include Free next day delivery with flexible delivery options. 


Click & Collect

All Officeworks customers have access to three free 2-hour Click & Collect service on stocked items in store.


Whether your purchases are
small or large
everyone gets
the same cost savings

End-to-end customer service

Personal Service

Freshmark has carefully chosen our business partners to ensure that our members receive the highest quality care and service. They provide a single point of contact for general inquiries, product concerns, maintenance, to help desk support, all designed to improve your office efficiencies.

we've got you covered

insurance made easy

nSW CTP Green Slips

A Compulsory Third Party (CTP) Green Slip is a must-have for NSW drivers. You need one before you can register your vehicle.

Green Slip covers costs like medical treatment and lost income for people who need it after they’re injured in a road accident.

Green Slip doesn’t cover damage to your vehicle, other vehicles or property – only injuries.

Freshmark is an agent for QBE Australia, and we can offer you the following benefits:

  • premiums for all classes of vehicles
  • instant cover
  • payment by credit card 
  • a direct electronic link to the Road and Maritime Services

If you need your registration renewed and your vehicle is eligible for electronic registration renewal, Freshmark can process it for you, or you can fax it to us on 02 9764 2776 to organise a quote.

Bring your Registration papers to the Freshmark office and your Green Slip can be issued to you on the spot!!

Avoid running around and wasting time with Freshmark’s CTP Green Slip service!

Together, we're going places

AVIS Corporate
Awards Program

As a member of Freshmark, you can take advantage of our AVIS Corporate Awards Program that will give you an automatic 10% discount on any car you rent. All you have to do is ring Freshmark, and we will make all the necessary arrangements for you. 


Avis premium membership program will unlock priority service and access to exclusive features through Avis’s recently launched App. The Avis App lets you skip queuing with no contact rental options at major locations. Enjoy added safety and peace of mind when you bypass Avis rental counters.


With over 200 locations Australiawide, Avis will be with you all the way. Start discovering the benefits of travelling with Avis.

 The benefits to you are:

  • Competitive corporate rates and access to members-only discounts.
  • Complimentary Avis Preferred® service: skip the counter and go right to your car.
  • Avis Preferred membership – avoid lines and paperwork.
  • Freshmark does all the hard work for you, which includes booking and confirmation emails.
  • You can pay directly through Freshmark.
  • All your staff members will be eligible to use this service.

Better together

Product Procurement

Freshmark continuously finds ways to help our members become more profitable.  One way we do this is gaining purchasing leverage through bulk buying that helps reduce prices and costs for our members. 

Product procurement has allowed us to support our members during COVID with particularly hard to get items, such as hand sanitisers, cleaning sprays, dispensers and Blue Nitrile Gloves.