Fresh flooding to impact food supply chain

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Producers in the Sydney basin are among those hardest hit with widespread flooding across the region, putting tremendous strain on farmers in the Hawkesbury and Nepean valleys.

However, the impacts of the torrential rain are being felt out into the central west, and vegetable growers in the Hunter Valley have had paddocks drowned for a third time this year.

NSW Farmers President James Jackson said the full fury of nature had been on display this year, and he urged affected communities to stay safe.

“Paddocks are absolutely soaked if they’re not underwater, and safety must be the priority as people move around their farms and regions,” Mr Jackson said.

“The state government has activated the agricultural and animal services hotline, and any primary producers requiring assistance should call 1800 814 647.

“We are also expecting disaster payments to start coming online shortly and we will work with government and farmers to make sure that help gets to where it’s needed.”

Mr Jackson thanked the state and federal governments for their rapid response to this flood event, noting early engagement with the Australian Defence Force and communication about evacuation orders was pleasing to see.

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