Local Youth Sports Initiative!

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That’s full time on the Local Youth Sports Initiative!

Thank you for participating in this Initiative, and thank you for continuing to support locals, even when the going got tough! You are all local legends! Over the course of the sponsorship period, we had over 300 nominations from sporting clubs, teams and players around the country, with over 100 stores nominated as their local favourite and a total of $32,900 of sponsorship’s and runners up prizes were awarded.
We heard from those who jump over, those who swim under, those who paddle, pivot and pirouette! Just like your fruit & veg, the future sporting champions of Australia came in all different shapes and forms. With shout outs received from all walks of the community, this campaign raised awareness about everything our local fruit and veg shops do to support local youth sports!

Was your store nominated to sponsor a local club, team or individual? Find out Here.

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