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Get set. Try for 5 is coming October 10-17. Held during National Nutrition Week, Try for 5 is a unique collaboration between Nutrition Australia, vegetable growers and other health-focused organisations to help Australians get more vegetables in their day.

Only 7.5% of Australian adults eat enough veggies. For children, it is even less. In fact, Australians eat 13kg fewer veggies than we did 20 years ago. We all know we should eat more. Increasing the number of vegetables we eat is everyone’s job, not just so we can feel and live well right now, but so we can look after the generations to come after us.

Try for 5 inspires all Australians to eat more vegetables – with a new awesome recipe collection, live cooking events, handy resources, social takeovers and veg tips and hacks.
It’s all you need to give veggies a go!

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