The Blenditarian Mushroom Campaign

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From 1 December 2021 to 28 February 2022, “A better choice!” will be undertaking a brand awareness campaign in partnership with the Australian Mushroom Association, to promote the concept of mixing mushrooms and mince over the summer period, a notoriously difficult time to sell mushrooms. 

“Mushroom + Mince = The Blend” campaign promotes the concept of mixing mushrooms with mince to make them a staple for the Australian family grocery basket.  The Blend provides a simple way for families and seniors to achieve their health-related goals, by simply substituting some mince for mushrooms. Over the past decade America’s Mushroom Council have had great success with ‘The Blend’ in the US, and now reportedly allocate around 70% of their national marketing budget to the annual campaign. 

The Freshmark team will be going around to “A better choice! retail members this month to provide them with the necessary collateral that includes posters, wobblers and entry pads plus a great landing page at
to promote The Blend campaign. To encourage mushrooms purchases, a competition incentive for shoppers to sign-up and win one of four Weber Premium Family Qs worth $799ea is on offer.


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