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On 15 January, the Hunga Tonga–Hunga Haʻapai volcano off the coast of Tonga erupted – sending an ash cloud 18km into the sky
and tsunami waves that have caused devastation across the nation’s largest island, Tongatapu.

More than 12,000 households have been affected, with every agricultural sector in the country suffering substantial losses and water supplies being contaminated by ashfall and saltwater.

The people of Tonga are in desperate need of emergency shelter, food, safe drinking water, toilets and other basic essentials.

Pleae give now to Sydney Markets Foundation Tonga Recovery Appeal — your generosity will help deliver the longer-term recovery initiatives to those who have lost their homes, livelihoods and farmland and help communities be better prepared for
future disasters. 

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Our Mission

The community the Foundation represents has strong ties to the Tongan people and we are driven to succeed in delivering initiatives to support the long-term sustainability of this very proud and resilient nation. Your generous donation
will focus on:
•   Providing a shipping container to house all the food, water and clothing designated for Tonga
•   Purchasing a fishing boat to help Tonga’s fishing community who lost hundreds of boats, devastating the country’s primary source of income
•   Providing access to safe and clean drinking water, as much of Tonga’s drinking water has been contaminated by saltwater and ash
•   Sourcing materials to address damage to critical infrastructure and homes to help Tongans get back on their feet

Thank you for your generosity whose immeasurable impact will be felt today and
for future generations to come.


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