MRL Testing – A Matter of Safety

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In a world where consumers demand assurances that the food they eat is safe and meets the most stringent standards, you need a Maximum Residue Limits (MRL) testing solution designed to reduce risk exposure. Since 2001 FreshTest® has become Australia’s most extensive cost effective MRL testing program. FreshTest covers chemical, heavy metal, microbial, water, and specialised testing, through a strict regime of collection, sample identification, labelling, and reporting. It is available to all growers directly but can also be conveniently processed through a central market wholesaler, at an affordable price.

Residue testing, colloquially referred to as MRL testing, has been part of Australia’s horticultural landscape since 1945 and forms part of the verification of production and packaging businesses’ food safety systems. MRL tests verify if contaminants or impurities that remain on produce through the application of chemicals, heavy metals, fungus, or microorganisms, from natural, industrial, or agriculture activities, pose a threat to consumers’ health and the safety of growers, and the entire supply chain. 

Australia’s unparalleled reputation for food safety has given producers an enviable competitive advantage in the global market and assurances to consumers domestically. The country’s robust food safety framework, regulations, and quality assurance systems have made this possible, increasing the importance of verification testing, like MRL testing.

Good agricultural practices are proven through chemical, microbial, and heavy metal testing. The test results are assessed against MRLs stipulated in the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code and administered by respective state/territory food authorities. 

Growers are ultimately responsible for undertaking the correct procedures such as applying chemicals to their crops and having their produce tested. The cost of not complying with these requirements can lead to devastating consequences, and in some cases, death, potentially demolishing the demand for the impacted product across the whole of Australia. 

Growers undertake MRL testing to verify that their produce is safe. FreshTest gives growers that assurance with a highly experienced team behind them, ensuring accurate and timely results, with strictly confidential reports made available to customers within days. There is the added convenience of combining tests creating great value for the grower, helping to save time and money. Wholesalers have access to their test results on-line that they can forward onto the grower as a value-add service, or the grower can contact the local central market Chamber branch directly.

If there are adverse results or produce is at risk of being over a specific limit, FreshTest will seek the causes of the incident and request corrective actions to be implemented to prevent a recurrence, while providing relevant support. Retesting will always be made available. 

FreshTest is your guarantee for protecting Australians and building your brand’s clean and green reputation.

For more information about FreshTest, please contact your local central market Chamber branch:

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