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Macro Wholefoods encourages fruit and vegetable producers to help supply them as trends show that every customer is focussing on better eating, so it makes sense that retailers become focused on providing healthier, more sustainable options to meet that demand. But also fruit and vegetable producers who help supply the products.
As well as Macro’s large organic fruit and veg range, the brand also has products in the long-life pantry, meat and proteins, wholefoods, snacking and has just launched cleaning products. Currently, six million Australians buy into the Macro brand with the growth set to create opportunities for fresh produce companies.
Macro has a big offer in fresh and wholefoods that are grown here in Australia, in addition to products put into our longer-life items. They are looking to work with more (supply companies) through their fresh teams. Macro is experiencing double-digit growth and has been for the past decade – and it continues to do so. It is quite an indication of where the customers’ sentiment is.
Traditionally, the brand has over-indexed with premium customers, but over the past twelve months, they have seen a huge spike in mainstream/core and even budget customers who are purchasing into the Macro brand.
The Macro brand is one of 105 owned/managed by the Woolworths Food Company, representing around $13billion in sales. Macro notes noted several company trends that support growth in the “healthy foods” category, and some have accelerated since the COVID-19.
If we look at the trends as we come through COVID and into a post-COVID world, value is as important as it ever was. Convenience is tomorrow’s friction, so here we are referencing our meal solution offers. We’re moving towards healthy Aussies and kids, and this is where our Macro range takes centre stage. The conscious customer is here to stay, so that means planet-friendly products, packaging and sustainability.

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