Harris Farms Launches Repurposeful Picks

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Harris Farms Launches Repurposeful Picks

Harris Farm Markets has launched a new range of premium products made from ‘upcycled’ perishable food items. The Re-purposeful Picks range will consist of more than 30 products, each of which extends the shelf life of items that otherwise would have been thrown away. The range includes fruit smoothies, breadcrumbs and vegetable pizzas.

The retailer is proud to be the first major Australian grocery chain to release a product range of this nature. The Re-purposeful Picks allows Harris Farm to take action at a store level to combat climate change, empowering each branch to reduce its daily food waste. Fewer products on shelves will be nearing their expiry dates as items will be rotated sooner to create the Re-Purposeful Picks range, creating longer life cycles to minimise food wastage across all 25  stores.

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