FreshTest Gives Peace of Mind for Consumers

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FreshTest Gives Peace of Mind for Consumers

Consumer expectations for assurance of the quality and safety of food continue to rise, and now more than ever, getting produce tested has never been so vital during the COVID-19 crisis. Freshmark is here to help with our FreshTest service that is the largest and most comprehensive horticultural residue-testing program in Australia.

FreshTest provides an extensive range of confidential analytical services that meet the strictest guidelines of the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code. A variety of food safety testing options are available, including Chemical Residue testing, Microbiological testing, and Heavy Metal Testing. Other Tests offered include nutritional testing, water testing, and dry matter testing.  Freshmark can also advise you if our facilities can accommodate any specialised testing you may need.

FreshTest is a national program that, through the power of central market membership, has allowed us to negotiate significant price reductions with several laboratories around the country. By co-ordinating bulk testing from a central location, substantial reductions in administration fees have also been realised; savings that are passed on to you!

If you would like to know more about FreshTest, please contact Lindi Shull, Freshmark Programs/Office Assistant on 02 9764 3244 or

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