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Since the launch of Fresha PAY® in May this year, the brand has been well received throughout Sydney Markets, with representatives from Freshmark® and NetFresh® talking to members like you about all the great benefits of this new payment option offered to wholesalers.
Your buyers will have a credit limit, which can be used to pay any wholesaler who has signed up for the Fresha PAY program. All approved transactions where Fresha PAY is the selected payment option will be batched for the current trading week and a single payment forwarded to each wholesaler that Friday.
Given the current challenges we face due to COVID, Freshmark and NetFresh are providing an industry offering to all wholesalers within Sydney Markets to access Fresha PAY for FREE for the first three (3) months starting from the date of your first transaction. 
Fresha PAY ensures you are guaranteed funds from buyer approved invoices every single Friday!
The benefits to you are:
•    You have guaranteed money in your account every Friday for approved sales from the current trading week
•    No more chasing payments
•    No security or personal guarantees are required
•    Reduce outstanding receivables
•    No buyer chargebacks
•    Real-time confirmation of sales
•    Notification of buyers in default.

If you would like to talk to a Fresha PAY representative, please call Greg Taylor, NetFresh’s Operations Manager, on 0438 871 744 or Arooran Manicks, Freshmark’s Finance & Corporate Services Manager, on 0402 413 592, to better understand how this incredible offer can financially benefit your company. 

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