Climate Change Impact on Food Prices

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Internationally recognised food supply chain expert, Stephen Bartos, was commissioned by Farmers for Climate Action to develop a report to examine Australia’s food supply chain resilience when it comes to climate change. The Fork in the Road: The impacts of climate change on our food supply,’ has been launched, showing that climate change is already disrupting every part of the food supply chain, from extreme heat and lack of water on farms to food packing facilities, transport links and the cost of farmers accessing insurance, finance and fertiliser.

As climate change’s impact grows, consumers will pay more for food, as is already being experienced. It also means we’re increasing the risk of food shortages as getting produce off farm and into supermarkets, and ultimately Aussie homes becomes difficult or impossible to deliver when multiple events coincide. We saw this recently in northern and central Australia when record floods cut off roads and rail links during the COVID pandemic.

The Report stresses how Australians take it for granted that food will always be available. And, how climate change creates and amplifies risks all the way through the supply chain, from farm to warehouse to supermarket  shelves. 

You can find the report here.


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