A better choice! Wins MOYA 2021

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Freshmark, in collaboration with Sydney Markets Limited, is proud to announce ‘A better choice!’ campaign “Shop & Win” has won Australasia’s premier marketing award for the fresh fruit, vegetable and floral industries’ 2021 PMA-Produce Plus Marketer of the Year Award (MOYA). 

Winning MOYA is an incredible honour for Freshmark and, more importantly, validation that our industry has recognised the investment Freshmark has made into the ‘A better choice!’ program as an important vehicle to ensuring the prosperity of greengrocers and strengthening our sector’s future. 

The Shop & Win competition was created as part of its ‘A better choice!’ programme, which supports independent fruit and vegetable retailers across Australia with marketing initiatives that encourage consumers to shop at their stores. ‘A better choice!’ is a national program under the stewardship of Fresh Markets Australia (Australian Chamber) of which Freshmark is a representative member of the program for New South Wales.

Launched in March, Shop & Win was ‘A better choice!’s’ version of a shopper rewards programme. The offer of substantial weekly prizes provided an incentive for consumers to shop at local independent grocers.

MOYA judges were impressed by the way the campaign harnessed a wide range of marketing tools – from point-of-sale activations through to digital advertising – to drive awareness of the competition, along with participation.

Between 1 March and 15 April (2021), the campaign’s activations reached 2.7m people, with over 6m impressions across radio, social channels and YouTube. Over 265 stores were nominated as part of the competition during this time, with 92,914 entries across Australia.

The Shop & Win campaign captured a massive audience over a relatively short time. The ability to unlock added value for a cluster of independently operated grocery stores also demonstrated a high degree of marketing innovation in the judges’ eyes.

A better choice! is a minor player in such a big industry representing an important and sometimes forgotten sector, competing against multinational enterprises. The Shop & Win campaign was created from start to finish in-house with minimal agency support, so winning MOYA 2021 means so much more to Freshmark, as there was immense effort and time put into this campaign by all those involved here in New South Wales and across the country.

The ‘A better choice!’ – Shop & Win campaign was chosen from a strong field of five finalists. Each finalist presented their campaigns as part of a MOYA Showcase event on the trade show floor at Hort Connections on Tuesday, 8 June. The winner was announced at Hort Connection’s Gala Dinner the following night. Freshmark would like to congratulate the four other finalists for their incredible campaigns:

  • The LPG Cutri Fruit Global Team for the ‘Saturn Peach by Galaxy Fruits’ campaign
  • Anna Tu from Hort Innovation for the ‘Australian Cherries Brand’ campaign
  • Buy West Eat Best Marketing Team for the ‘Good choice, WA’ campaign
  • Luke Couch from Nutrafruit for the ‘No Ordinary Plum’ campaign 


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